Climate Breakdown – A Community Response

On the 2nd September 2019, a group of passionate and enthusiastic people came together to talk about climate and ecological breakdown. The purpose of the event was to open up community discussion around what we feel needs to be done to tackle the climate emergency, and share our collective wisdom.

“It was really good to attend the event and be able to voice my concerns and hear the concerns of others. It was a well run meeting so that everyone was heard, not just those who spoke the loudest.”

~ Mandy Gaylard, Suffolk County Councillor
The event was a real success, thanks to those who organised and attended.

highlights from attendees can be viewed here

The highlights were ideas generated on the day and submitted by event attendees at the end of the event. They focus on what change people would like to see and are general ideas that would help stop/reduce climate change.

The network will be submitting these highlights to the Suffolk County Council Policy and Development Panel who are working on addressing the Climate Emergency Suffolk declared earlier this year, with the hope that some of the relevant information can be used feed in to future plans for our county as part of a Citizens Response.

View some stats about what’s causing climate breakdown here

A copy of the event poster designed by Richard Wendt

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