Welcome to the official website for Suffolk County Council’s Vegan Network!

The network is here to promote the positive impact a vegan lifestyle can have on the planet, your health, and the welfare of animals. This is a supportive network and open to all staff, councillors and partners, whether you are vegan, thinking of going vegan, or just curious! (Don’t worry, there is no obligation to become vegan!)

At our core, most of us hold similar beliefs to those held by vegans whether​ it is protecting our planet, eating for better health, or a strong sense that animals deserve respect and should be treated well, so this network is really inclusive and already has members who do not identify as vegans. It is for anyone who would like to be a part of encouraging positive social change and improving the lives of all living beings.

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Most people are unaware that vegans in the UK have the same legal rights as people who hold religious beliefs. If you think of veganism as a diet, as it is very often portrayed, the idea of legal protections for vegans may not make much sense.

However, the real meaning of veganism is living by the belief or conviction that it is wrong to exploit and kill living beings unnecessarily. Vegans manifest that belief by avoiding supporting or participating in animal exploitation for food, clothing, entertainment or any other purpose, in so far as is possible and practicable.

Vegan convictions have been recognised as “cogent, serious and important,” and are therefore protected beliefs which have the same status as religious beliefs in terms of human rights law. This is not because veganism is akin to a religion (it is not); it is because we have recognised the fundamental right of freedom of thought, conscience and belief, which covers personal convictions if they are cogent, serious and important.

As well as the animal welfare aspect, people follow a vegan lifestyle for other reasons like health, or environmental purposes.