Get Involved

Find out how to join the Suffolk County Council (SCC) Vegan Staff Network, or become a Network Champion.

How to join the network

You can join SCC Vegan Staff Network by emailing or using our contact form.

When you contact us, let us know a little about yourself and your current relationship with veganism. Keep in mind we’re a totally inclusive network – you don’t need to be vegan to join, and there’s no obligation to become vegan at any point!

We’re essentially a bunch of like-minded people with a passion for animals, and how the vegan lifestyle can positively impact the environment and our health. If that sounds like your thing, get involved and join us for meet-ups, events and just generally be part of a supportive, friendly group of people.

Being a member of the network

There’s no obligation to commit lots of time and effort to the network. Just do whatever you feel comfortable with. If you did want to get more seriously involved, there’s plenty you could do!

For example, you could:

  • write posts for our website
  • organise network events and meet-ups
  • manage our mailing list and contribute to our newsletter
  • design posters, leaflets and other network branded material
  • research the latest science on veganism, health and the environment
  • support other network members as they explore veganism

Become a Network Champion

If you want to go even further than a committed vegan network member, you can become a Champion for the network!

You can read about the role by downloading Staff Network Champions (PDF, 123KB), or reading the information on this page.

To enquire about becoming a Network Champion, get in touch by emailing

Why become a Champion?

This is a chance for you to enhance the positive impact of the vegan network within
your local area, using your passion for the network as a driver to empower colleagues to join in activities and to educate them on the existence and objectives of the network.

What’s expected of me?

You will support the aims of the network by:

  • promoting activities in local areas
  • encouraging colleagues to access relevant information and join the staff
  • sharing best practice and stories of success
  • be a point of contact for network related queries within your area.

Champions will know their areas and colleagues so will be best placed to know what
will work best in that environment and can pick out resources that fit their local

Champions will act as role models, demonstrating the values of the network, whilst
proactively engaging and embracing the ASPIRE values and framework.

What do I need to be a Champion?

Most importantly, you need to be a member of the network you want to be a
champion for.

In addition to this you should have:

  • an enthusiasm for, and interest in, improving the working environment for staff
  • an approachable attitude, always willing to help
  • a good understanding of the networks objectives, vision, mission statement and
    planned events

Examples of activities

  • Promoting network campaigns through poster displays, emailing colleagues,
    giving out leaflets and updating colleagues at meetings you attend and your
    team meetings
  • Organising local network related activities
  • Signposting colleagues to network resources
  • Encouraging colleagues to participate in the staff network and related
  • Championing and promoting the network and it’s vision and values
  • Role modelling and promoting the values of the network in a supportive and
    inclusive way, whilst respecting colleagues right to freedom of thought and

What support is there for me as a Champion?

Each network has:

  • a chair/lead and/or committee who are there to support you in your champion role – you are not alone!
  • a Corporate Leadership Team mentor
  • through the network chair, access to the Strategic Equalities and Inclusion
    Board to challenge or raise corporate issues
  • a small pot of funding to assist with small equipment or materials, speaker
    expenses etc but not refreshments