Meet the Co-Chairs

Suffolk County Council Vegan Network has 6 co-chairs that form the Network Committee. We represent various Directorates and have vastly different roles within Suffolk County Council, with the one of many common interests; our passion for making this Staff Network thrive.

Holly Emmens

I’m an Ecologist with Suffolk County Council, I’ve worked here for 5 years and have been involved in nature conservation since I was a teenager. To me, being vegan is about protecting animals from harm and living a low impact life, to help conserve our planet and its resources

Vanessa Gordon

When I’m not standing in a field holding pumpkins, I work for Trading Standards Imports Team and love my job. I’ve been vegan for about 13 years & vegetarian for 2 years prior to that. Vegan cooking is one of my main passions. I love to create things and one of those things was the first, self published, Ipswich Vegan Guide (Zine) back in 2018. I’m also fortunate enough to be the editor of this newsletter and be supported by my wonderful Network colleagues.

Feel free to email me or connect on Instagram.

Janus van Helvert

With colleagues in Environment Strategy I encourage SCC to act re the environmental crisis; not easy but my grandchildren & Greta inspire me to continue. I’ve been an environmentalist for 23 years, including time at Friends of the Earth (before that I managed change programmes in The City & as an AD in local government). Humanity needs to rapidly shift from animal products as part of its struggle to survive. This, together with my Buddhist worldview, draws me to veganism. I’m mixed race (Dad’s from the Caribbean).

Joseph Young

I work in the Localities & Partnerships team at SCC as a Building Community Capacity Officer. My role is about enabling communities in Suffolk to thrive and this fits with my environmental activism because I’m helping to vision ways that people and communities can be more localised and connected, thereby reducing their environmental footprint and increasing their resilience as climate breakdown occurs. I’m an aspiring vegan, slowly crossing the threshold!

Jack Barber

I’m Recruitment Manager for Suffolk County Council and I decided to give Veganism a go for Veganuary 2017 after watching Forks Over Knives and Cowspiracy on Netflix and it stuck after I began to feel healthier and happier that my impact on the environment was reduced. Now I’m addicted to vegan ice cream and struggling to fit into my jeans, but I’m still happy. My other passion is music, mostly heavy metal, ska punk and recently a bit of country music.

Sadie Cable

By day I am a Professional Advisor working in Adults Safeguarding, by any other free time I have I’m a passionate animal rights activist. I’m an Educational Speaker for Animal Aid, and talking to students about all things vegan is one of my passions. My favourite things to do are hang out in nature, eat burgers with Jacky boy, and cuddle my mums dogs (Sasha pictured here 💖).

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Andy Tipp

Andy Tipp

I’m a Digital Content Development Manager. That means I manage content for websites, such as this one. I went vegan in January 2021 and am the latest (and greatest?) addition to the Network Co-Chairs. I’m mainly into veganism for the animals and the environment. I can’t say healthy eating is a primary motivation. I mean, I love a vegetable as much as the next guy, but I also love things like burgers, pizzas and curries – which you can make tasty plant-based versions of! Outside of veganism I’m into science-fiction, creative writing and running.

Any questions?