Start Your Own Network

How to join the Suffolk County Council (SCC) Vegan Staff Network, and advice on starting your own network.

Joining our network

The Suffolk County Council (SCC) Vegan Staff Network was mainly created ‘by staff, for staff’ within SCC.

We are open to our partners and partner organisations, and you’re very welcome to join us. Find out more about us and how to join to become an external member and get on our mailing list.

Starting your own network

However, if you’re passionate about promoting veganism and supporting vegans in the workplace, why not start a network in your own organisation?

There are lots of resources available online to help get you going. We’d recommend the Vegan Leaders Playbook as a great starting point.

If you have queries about starting your own network, we can offer you advice and guidance based on our experience. You can email with your questions, or use our contact form.