Terms of Reference

Read the mission, vision, values and objectives of the the Suffolk County Council (SCC) Vegan Staff Network.

Our Mission

To promote veganism in a positive and inclusive way which empowers people to be able to make informed choices about their lifestyle.

Our Vision

A working environment where veganism is recognised and has a positive impact on the well-being of staff, the welfare of animals and the environment.

Our Values

  • Championing equality, inclusion and diversity 
  • Demonstrate compassion and respect for all living beings 
  • Support environmental sustainability wherever possible 
  • Non violence and equality for all living beings 
  • Act fairly and challenge unfair and discriminatory behaviour 
  • Promote empowerment 
  • Be visible and raise awareness 
  • Be supportive and network in a professional capacity 
  • Be innovative, experimental and creative  
  • Professional and proactive  

Our Objectives

  • Promote opportunities to learn about vegan beliefs and make it accessible to all staff 
  • Linking with other networks both inside SCC and externally to increase our impact 
  • Make relevant information and resources easily accessible 
  • Support, inform and influence corporate priorities and decision making where the topics affect our members  
  • Promote the network across the county through use of Champions  
  • Be a consultancy for people related policy changes and sit on the Equalities Board 
  • Provide peer support amongst members 
  • Continually grow and evolve the network
  • Support people to make positive lifestyle choices  
  • Make veganism more widely accepted and recognised in the professional arena 
  • Improve people’s understanding of veganism as a belief 
  • Improve things within the organisation and community for the members of the network  

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Email vegannetwork@suffolk.gov.uk with any enquiries, or use our contact form.