What Being Vegan Means To Me

To mark World Vegan Day (1st November) and World Vegan month during the whole of November, Sadie Cable and Jack Barber, current co-chairs of the Vegan Network, share what being vegan means for them. JACK’S STORY When did I go vegan?I went vegan in January 2017 after watching Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives on Netflix….

Big Suffolk Beach Clean

On June 28th we held our first Big Suffolk Beach Clean event across Southwold beach and Orwell Country Park in Ipswich. Around 40 volunteers took to the coastlines of Suffolk to collect rubbish in order to preserve the natural beauty of our shorelines and to help protect the marine wildlife. In total we collected 24.5kg…

Cally’s Egg Free Recipes

After a few months of transitioning from a vegetarian, I went full vegan in August 2016. I’ve found it pretty easy – I like cooking and making things up and trying new things. Below are a couple of egg free recipes that are stereotypically ‘harder’ to make without eggs. The magic ingredient is gram flour…

Sadie’s Veganuary Blog

Following the success of Hannah, Lauren and Jason’s blogs, Veganuary asked us to write about how the network engaged with their Workplace Challenge. This was a huge platform to promote the networks achievements! To read Sadie’s guest blog for them, click here.